Cederick Flemming


Founder/CEO of Lose The Battle Win The War LLC., Cederick Flemming started this mentoring program to make a change in youth’s lives. Mr. Flemming also known as Officer Flemming, Coach, Ced, big dog, and dada was born in Florence SC. 


His parents are Pastor Abrham Flemming and Annette Flemming.

Mr. Flemming graduated from South Florence High School in 2010 in Florence SC and received his B.A from Paine College in 2014 in Augusta Ga.


Mr. Flemming played football, basketball and tennis. Mr. Flemming is known at both schools for being tall, having bad knees, his work ethic and also for his ability to work and play hard every day.


CEO ·  L.T.B.W.T.W.

Mentor ·  PAL AAU

Police Officer · Dekalb County, Georgia State Univ.

Undergraduate ·  Paine College


Cederic Flemming is a caring loving funny kind person who has a daughter named Chanel Flemming. 

Cederick Flemming is a Police Officer DeKalb County and also at             

Georgia State University Police Department.

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While at DeKalb Police Department, he started the DeKalb County PAL AAU basketball team for youth’s to teach them about basketball. Mr. Flemming is always willing to help others in any way that he can and no matter the situation. This is why he started Lose The Battle Win The War, in an effort to give back to his community.