The inspirational novel “7 Days After, is the sequel to the novel "The Work Around. It is the second installment, in the "Impossible Trilogy, which largely chronicles the events in the next chapter in the life of our main character, Mitch May. Who is now embarked on a quest, to see his family restored.In a fortunate shift and change of his circumstances, Mitch Mays' life has now been rescued from the pending total loss of his family, and death. His love life has been revived, by the entrance of his new lady named, Vivian. The connection to Vivian becomes a trigger for the end of the emotional and financial meltdown of his life and the separation from his life with his family. And now, Mitch perceives that the relationship and the emotional rescue that he is now experiencing, is only the beginning of things to come. The trauma of the divorce, that had sent his life into a proverbial tailspin it seemed, was over now. And now, Mitch has developed an adopted an expectation that his family would be restored, and that he would receive "Beauty For Ashes.Mitch now believes that the manifestation of his family being restored, would come, in "7 Days after his prayer. Mitch believes and begins to witness his prayers and supplications answered, every "7 Days After.

7 Days After. Book Of Miracles