This is the second installment of the Avoiding Divorce: 101. For Black Men., series. The Epic Novel, “Avoiding divorce for Black Men: 101, is the first of many in a series of self- help materials for men, to reference in an effort to avoid divorce. The platform was inspired by God, and developed by Michael C. LeMay. “Avoiding Divorce for Men: 101, and coinciding publications are targeted primarily towards African American men. To be used in conjunction with professional marriage and relationship counseling methodologies and strategies. ​However, the avoiding divorce platform is an organic multi-media resource that offers assistance to anyone who desires to learn techniques for how to save their marriage from divorce. The materials deliver vital information and practical guidance to African American men in particular, for how to prevent their marriage from falling apart.​The content for the avoiding divorce platform is largely derived from our own personal experiences, dialogue with various contributor’s advisers and counselors, and also from God’s inspiration. We hope to bring awareness to the public about some of the pitfalls, root causes and the results of divorce that a family endures as a result of divorce. And we hope to provide information and guidance to avoid divorce. We believe that the avoiding divorce platform is as significant as and will be as reforming, as the civil rights movement.

Avoiding Divorce: 101. For Black Men. Vol. 2