Turning around for me


It’s like that feeling that you get when the rain stops falling, the clouds move, and the sun comes out.


The way that you feel, the first time that you kiss a girl.


The excitement that surges through you when you walk across the stage at graduation.


It’s the rush that you get when you hit your first home run.

The day that you get the offer or when you get the promotion that you’ve worked so hard for.

And finally, you feel valued and appreciated for all your efforts.

Now you’re even more motivated than ever before, to give it your all. And you want to serve with all that you have within you. 

You’ve just had an infusion of inspiration and a great big dose of incentive.

Now, you’re ready to spread your wings and soar.


You’re ready to move into the fast lane of life and grow, without limits and without binderies and without inhibitions.

Suddenly, you have new lease on life and a new purpose

In my case, it is all because of her. (Dee Dee).

She came into my life and change my mind.


Now I know that sun is shining on me.


Now, I can dream again; now I can plan again.

Now, my visions for the future are feasible and seem more achievable than ever.


All because of her; all because of her love and kindness.


She breathed hope and a new courage into me.


She spoke the word of life into me.


She rescued me from myself.


She took away my pain.


She healed my soul.

She brought the joy back into my life and so much more.


She is my peace; she is my bed of affection and pleasure.


I haven’t known such a perfect love.


I haven’t felt this way in such a long time; I am a kid again.


I know the planets are aligned for me.


I know that God is smiling on me.


I know that better are coming; she is the confirmation.


My season has changed; I have arrived.


My soul mate has entered my life and now, I am made whole.


She is perfect; she is perfect for me, and we are perfect together.


I find myself asking God, what did I do to deserve such a wonderful woman.


And my spirit speaks to me and says, “it is beauty for Ashes, the oil for mourning.”


I love you Dee Dee